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In Pelion you can board the famous Pelion Train and enjoy a ride of unique beauty. This railway line was constructed in 1895 by Evaristo De Chirico, the father of the famous Italian surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico. The legendary "Moutzouris-Smudgy" that departs from Ano Lehonia to arrive at the old train station at Milies... A nostalgic trip that will impress any visitor.


On the peak 'Agriolefkes', an idyllic location on the mountain of the Centaurs, approximately 30 minutes from Afissos, one can find the ski centre of Pelion, ready to welcome both winter sports enthusiasts as well as mountain lovers.


Today, Byzantine art constitutes cultural inheritance of the World. Visit the Holy Monasteries of Pelion and the region of Magnesia at large and get to know the local Christian monuments which became the ark of Greek tradition throughout time.


Argalasti another famous village among olive groves and fig trees. In houses we built pieces of ancient, Byzantine and medieval buildings that locals have come to the area south of Argalasti-which give them a distinctive architectural interest. Chortokastro the hill was believed in ancient city known as Spalathra the city. At the top of the hill, we see the ruins of a Byzantine church which was built on the St Nicholas. In place Mary, found settlement of 11th-10th century BC and ruins, perhaps the Tisza Artemis. In Turkish, the Argalasti was one of the main villages and some time seat of the administration of Pelion. In August the village become important cultural events, such as the famous feast of olives.


Το Χόρτο βρίσκεται 46 χιλιόμετρα νότια του Βόλου και λούζεται στα νερά του Παγασητικού. Ένα γραφικό και ήσυχο λιμανάκι που αποτελείται από δύο παραλίες, μια με χρυσή αμμουδιά και μια με όμορφους βράχους. Όλα αυτά σας προσκαλούν για ξεκούραστες διακοπές, ενώ αποτελούν το ιδανικό σημείο για να ξεκινήσει κανείς να ανακαλύψει το Πήλιο. Κάνοντας περιπάτους, θα συναντήσετε το παλιό μοναστήρι στο γειτονικό λοφάκι, όπου θα μπορέσετε να θαυμάσετε τις παλιές αγιογραφίες και να νιώσετε τη γαλήνη του χώρου να σας κυριέυει, αποβάλλοντας κάθε ίχνος άγχους. Στο χωριό θα βρείτε αρκετές ταβέρνες, καφετέριες και σούπερ μάρκετ. Περισσότερες δυνατότητες διασκέδασης σας παρέχονται στο κοντινό χωριό Μηλίνα, το οποίο απέχει 3 χιλιόμετρα.


Located 49 kilometers from the city of Volos, Milina, a picturesque seaside village combines the simplicity and tranquility with modern infrastructure.

Along the coast lie small coves with crystal clear waters in a lush landscape, a hallmark whole of Pelion. The Valtoudi, picturesque natural harbor that hosts the islands Alatas and Prasouda is an anchorage where you visit Milina.

You'll find restaurants, taverns and traditional restaurants with local seafood sorts. In summer the great nightlife, with bars and cafes operate even the midnight hour and many cultural events.


Trikeri located at the southernmost tip of Pelion, to the summit of Mount Tissaion opposite Euboea. From the village you can enjoy the view towards the Pagasetic and to the Evian gulf. The distance from Volos is 81 km.

The area has enough hotels and restaurants and in summer there is significant tourists. However, visitors can enjoy a peaceful stay and the place is ideal for relaxing holidays.

For those who love nature and hiking, paved roads start and end Trikeri in Agia Kyriaki (1.5 kilometers) and Kottes.

Agia Kyriaki is a picturesque fishing village with small white houses and beautiful amphitheater taverns by the sea. This is also an ideal place for excursions throughout the year.

Shortly before arriving at the village Trikeri, following the sign marked "Alogoporos" refers to arrive at the beach where Boretos to enjoy a swim. From here one can go by boat to the opposite Old Trikeri. The island has many bays around with enchanting beaches.



The coastline of Pelion is one of the most beautiful in Greece and offers visitors breathtaking moments with pristine deserted beaches, cosmopolitan tourist resorts and quaint fishing villages. In Pelion are some islands that are very nice and are very interesting to visit someone. These are Trikeri (Island of Our Lady), Alatas and Prasouda the Minor.

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